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Biographical information


Clay Carlin








Arthur Carlin(adoptive father)


Cecily Jordan(birth mother)
Paula Carlin(adoptive mother)


Glen Carlin(adoptive brother)
Spencer Carlin(adoptive sister)


Unborn daughter(miscarriage)

Significant other(s)

Chelsea Lewis

Behind the scenes

First appearance

Secret Truths

Last appearance

Trouble in Paradise(technically)
The Valley of Shadows(flashbacks)

Portrayed By

Danso Gordon

Clay Carlin is the only black kid in an all-white family because he was adopted


He was eight when the Carlin family adopted him. After moving to Los Angeles, Clay was forced to deal with many issues concerning race and discrimination. He befriended Sean Miller and began dating Chelsea Lewis. Clay also searched out his biological mother, Cecily Jordan, who reveals that she initially gave Clay up because she wanted him to have a better life than what she could give him. After a rocky start, Cecily moves to L.A. to be closer to Clay and be in his life. They slowly started to repair their relationship.

In season 2, Clay lost his virginity to Chelsea and it was later revealed that Chelsea was pregnant. He was initially shocked when Chelsea decides that she may not want the baby, and did not know what to do when she became distant with him. Clay came to the conclusion that he loved Chelsea and would support her and her decision about the pregnancy no matter what it was. He, along with Chelsea, also realized Spencer's true feelings for Ashley before Spencer came out. Unlike Glen, he was extremely supportive and accepting of his sister's sexual orientation the entire time.

In the season 3 premiere, it was revealed that Clay died from his wounds as a result of the drive-by shooting on prom night. A memorial at King High was made to him and the other victims of the shooting, as well as a fictional MTV True Life documentary.


Chelsea LewisEdit

His first and only girlfriend. He lost his virginity to her and got her pregnant.

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