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Aiden Dennison
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Aiden Dennison






  • Unborn child with Ashley (miscarriage)

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Secret Truths

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Five Years Later

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Matt Cohen

Aiden is a buff basketball-playing guy who regularly lifts weights. In Season one, hates Spencer's brother Glen, who steals his spotlight on the basketball team. He was originally dating Madison, although he is still not over his breakup with Ashley. Once Spencer came on the scene, he became friends with Spencer. Aiden began hanging out with her and Ashley, causing Madison to break up with him over jealousy. Following his breakup with Madison, he became primarily focused on Spencer. However, after discovering that Spencer would rather be with Ashley than with him, he slept with Madison, but soon broke up with her. He started dating Kyla Woods but decided to stop when he finds out that she has left town for a while to see her ex-boyfriend. The two started to date again and went to Prom together, despite his love for Ashley, which is revealed to everyone at the prom. They have an ongoing feud about Madison. In season three, Aiden develops a friendship with Arthur Carlin he also likes boxing.