Girl's Guide to Dating
Ashley and Spencer talking under the pier at the beach
Season no. Episode no.
1 6
Guest star(s)
  • Christopher DerGregorian as Dr. Ben Montanio
  • Marisa Lauren as Sherry Pena
Writer(s) Dawn Comer Jefferson
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Production no. 106
Original air date December 9, 2005
Episode chronology
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"First Time" "Friends With Benefits"

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"Girl's Guide to Dating" was the technical fifth but chronological sixth episode of South of Nowhere that aired on December 9, 2005 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot overviewEdit

Spencer and Ashley ditch school and go to the beach. They spend the day at the ocean enjoying what southern California has to offer: sand, sun and surfers. Back at campus, police suspect a weapon is floating around campus and put the school on lock-down. Now Clay, Glen, Aiden, Sean and Madison are forced to spend some quality time together. During a surprise visit to the hospital where Paula works, Arthur discovers that her new boss is an old flame.


Spencer and Ashley Ditch school and go to the beach, while at the beach Spencer starts to talk to Ashley about doubting her sexuality and for the first time questions if she might be bisexual or lesbian. Before Spencer can come to a conclusion to her sexual identity, Ashley interrupts and goes to hang out with a couple of surfer boys who claim they're from Hawaii. Soon after this Spencer, frustrated by Ashley's lack of interest in her big decision, storms off and leaves. After apologizing for her actions Ashley coerces Spencer back to the beach and they begin to have a serious talk about Spencer's sexuality. Spencer confides in Ashley that she's more interested in the women boys are with, than the boys themselves and says she wants to be normal. After a discussion about the pro's and con's of dating other girls, Ashley drives Spencer home, as Spencer contemplates her feelings on her new found sexuality.

Meanwhile Clay and Glen become trapped in a room with their respective friendship groups, who seem to clash after the school is put on lockdown after a girl brang a gun to school. The friendship groups argue over who would be more likely to cause the lockdown but are quickly caught reminiscing about back in the days when they were all younger and friends, leading the argument to end and the friendship groups to relax. Sadly after the lockdown ends, things are back to their usual way as the groups appear to be once again hostile.

While all this goes on, Arthur discovers after getting time off from work, that Paula is working for an old flame. He finds this out while bringing her lunch and discovers her flirting with her boss and old flame Ben. Infuriated that he wasn't told Ben hired Paula, Arthur has an argument with Paula while they have lunch, leading to more tension within there already tense relationship.