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Glen Carlin

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Arthur Carlin


Paula Carlin


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Madison Duarte
Chelsea Lewis


Sporting goods seller

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Secret Truths

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On the Precipice

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Chris Hunter

Glen Carlin is the athlete of the family and the eldest child.


He played basketball for the school team while attending King High and maintained a rivalry and friendship with Aiden, the former star of the team before Glen's arrival. In season 1, he began dating Madison Duarte after she broke up with Aiden in favor of Glen's position on the team. When he tore his ACL in a pick-up game of basketball, Madison immediately broke up with him. He became addicted to painkillers and was briefly arrested for attempting to buy more from a drug dealer. Glen soon began rehab three times a week, and at the end of season 2, he announces at prom that he has signed up for the army.

Glen is generally supportive of his siblings and initially liked Ashley, but when he first realized what was going on between Ashley and Spencer, he was not pleased with the idea of his sister being a lesbian. After Spencer accidentally received a black eye from the gay bashing of another male student, Glen became angry and cold towards both girls. He went so far as to fight with his brother Carlin Clay in the hospital, claiming that Spencer was not truly Clay's sister due to his being adopted. He eventually made up with Clay and Spencer and warmed up to Ashley again and finally appeared to accept Spencer's sexual orientation.

In the season 3 premiere, after graduating, Glen got a job at a sporting goods store with the help of Aiden. He was contacted by the army soon after to begin boot camp and began having second thoughts about enlisting. He finally reveals to his family what he has done and manages to get out of the army when his father, Arthur, explains to the sergeant that Glen initially joined with a fake I.D. and was underage. He also began helping and spending time with Chelsea Lewis in the aftermath of Clay's death.


Madison DuarteEdit

To make Aiden jealous in the beginning. They broke up the first time when he got injured during a pickup game. In season 2, they began dating again. They went to prom together.

Chelsea LewisEdit

After Clay's death and her losing the baby.