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Kyla Woods
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Biographical information


Kyla Woods





Birth date

1990? (22)


Raife Davies


Ashley Davies (half-sister)

Significant other(s)

Aiden Dennison

Behind the scenes

First appearance

The Morning After

Portrayed By

Eileen April Boylan

Kyla Woods is Ashley's long-lost half-sister, who appears after the death of their father, Raife Davies. She leaves her home in Baltimore but still keeps in touch with her mother Ann. She starts dating Aiden but returns to Baltimore for a while to formally break up with the boyfriend that she left, though she doesn't mention him to Aiden. Madison lets it slip that Kyla still had a boyfriend back home and Aiden breaks up with Kyla once she gets back to town. They decided to start over as friends and they later got back together, as Aiden's feelings for Ashley resurfaces. She and Spencer have started to form a friendship. She and Ashley have also started to form a more sister-like relationship with each other.