Music featured in episodes of the television series South of Nowhere.

There were four theme songs considered for South of Nowhere:

  • "No Money Fun" by Oly (Used in promos)
  • "Waiting" by Marisa Lauren (Played in episode 10 of season 1)
  • "I Don't Wanna Know (If You Don't Want Me)" by The Donnas (Season 1 Theme Song)
  • "Wasted" by the musician L.P. (Season 2 and 3 Theme Song)

Season 1 Edit

The N Soundtrack, released in 2006, contains songs from the first season.

Season 1, Episode 1 & 2: Secret Truths (2005) Edit

Artist Song Context
Sharif El-Mahdi You're My Girl Ashley is showing Spencer around L.A.
Lauren Hoffman Ghost You Know Spencer demanding answers from Ashley after running out from the school dance.

Season 1, Episode 3: Friends, Brothers, Lovers and Others (2005) Edit

Artist Song Context
1ManMafia Sick In the Club Episode intro. High school lunch time.
1ManMafia Summertime Clay goes to party.
1ManMafia Bulletproof Clay and Sean talk and play chess.
Bernie Barlow Sexy Spence and Aiden meet up with Ashley at the club.
Bernie Barlow Astral Plane Spencer and Aiden kiss. Spencer and Ashley talk.
Bernie Barlow Can’t Count On You Spencer and Aiden walk out of club.
Mandy Musgrave Hold On Ashley duets with her dad.
Lee Wall Rebel Days at the end of the episode, on Ashley's walkman.
Lee Wall Lift Me Up iTunes theme song.

Season 1, Episode 4: Put Out or Get Out (2005) Edit

Artist Song Context
Heather Waugh Driving Song Kelly picks up Spencer from school.
Cheaza What You're Missin'

Season 1, Episode 5: First Time (2005) Edit

Artist Song Context
Jaded Era The Best Things Clay and Chelsea text each other.
Lauren Hoffman Magic Stick In Spencer's bedroom. Glen uses Spencer's laptop.
[Sara Leib] If I Could Ashley is watching Spencer talk about her first time.

Season 1, Episode 6: Girls Guide to Dating (2005) Edit

Artist Song Context
Twirl Out on the Town Spencer and Ashley having fun at the beach.
Katelyn Tarver Something in Me Ashley is dropping Spencer off at home after their talk at the beach.

Season 1, Episode 7: Friends with Benefits (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lauren Hoffman Hope You Don't Mind In Ashley's room. Spencer and Ashley get ready for the party.
Lauren Hoffman Reasons to Fall Ashley and Spencer talk about Aiden in Ashley's closet. Plays again while Spencer and Ashley kiss Aiden.
Holly Matthis I Think U Need a Little Aiden arrives at Ashley's house. Aiden and Spencer's conversation.
1ManMafia Survive Clay and Sean are carjacked.

Season 1, Episode 8: Under My Skin (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Humberto Castaneda She's On Her Own King High's carwash.
Holly Matthis I Get Away With It Ashley and Spencer meet Josie at the carwash.
1ManMafia That's Wassup Arthur gets up from the poker table.

Season 1, Episode 9: Shake, Rattle & Roll (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Née Née My Birthday Suit Ashley calls Spencer during her suspension.
Ashley Leroux Learned A Lot About Love Spencer is sitting in her room and she's looking at a picture of her and Ashley.
Kate Voegele Top of the World The Carlins are cleaning up after the earthquake.

Season 1, Episode 10: Say It Ain't So, Spencer (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Heather Waugh You and Me Aiden and Spencer on their date in the park.
Marisa Lauren Waiting Paula and Arthur are in the hotel room and Spencer breaks down to Aiden.
Marisa Lauren Ladylike Playing at the club when Paige and Ashley are kissing.
Marisa Lauren Inside Paige answers Ashley's phone when Spencer calls.

Season 1, Episode 11: What Just Happened? (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Tim Buppert, Jeff Hodge, Art Corey These Blues Clay meets with Cecily, his biological mother, at a restaurant in Nevada.
Lauren Hoffman Ghost You Know Muted shots of every characters' state, ending with Spencer and Ashley kissing at Ashely's house, followed by the credits.

Season 2 Edit

Season 2, Episode 1: The Morning After Part 1 (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lauren Hoffman Reasons To Fall Spencer wakes up in Ashley's bed.
Ratboy Cutz Deep Out Spencer tries to hold Ashley's hand at school.
Living In Question Fun Ashley and Spencer are at dinner with Ashley's dad.
Fan Fiction Naked Ashley finds out about her dad's death.
Buddy Judge Flower Girl Ashley goes to Spencer's house for comfort.

Season 2, Episode 2: The Morning After Part 2 (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
C.C. DeVille (written by Mandy Musgrave) Hold On Ashley's walking down the street crying over her dad then see's a wake for him
Ben Broussard Hold On To Me in Spencer's room, after Ashley finds out about Kyla.
Stars of Track and Field With You Kyla and Ashley are talking about their dad in Kyla's room.
Headland Hey Stranger Kyla talks on the phone to her mom until Aiden shows up, Spencer shows Ashley that she got the vest back.
Patsy Grind You Said After Aiden tells Madison he doesn't want to be with her and she runs away from him to go cry.

Season 2, Episode 3: Behind the Music (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lavender Diamond You Broke My Heart Arthur wakes up on the couch to Paula yelling about losing her cell phone.
Delinquent Habits Mr. Slowfall Plays at Ashley's surprise party at Gray.
Living In Question Nothing Aiden brings Kyla to Ashley's birthday when Ashley asked him not to.
Holly Brook What I Wouldn't Give In the bathroom at her party, Ashley tries to call her dad's cell phone.
JJ Farris & Matthew Nelson I Don't Know You

Season 2, Episode 4: Guess Who's Coming Out To Dinner (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Mackabella Come And Get It Kyla and Aiden talk about how Kyla is "emotionally" a virgin.
Turntable bay #5 What Is Style? Ashley walks into Gray.
Twineman Spinner Clay watches Chelsea work in her studio.
Twineman Little By Little Clay and Chelsea get together for the first time.
Ben Broussard 105 Aiden takes Kyla to the gym for a romantic evening.

Season 2, Episode 5: Rules of Engagement (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Jill Sobule Mexican Wrestler Kyla sees Aiden drive off with Nicole at the gym, then talks to Madison.
Chicks With Hits I Don't Know You Aiden's pool party (opening scene).
Scott & Aimee Crazy at school on club day.
Captor Break It (Pig Mix) when spencer gets hit at club day.
Bad Fish Just Hope at the end of aiden's pool party.
Kenn Michael Funky Cheerleader Madison and Sherry cheer in the quad on club day.
Catlow Ocean Space Sand Spencer and Ashley talk in Chelsea's art studio.

Season 2, Episode 6: That is So Not Mom (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Ratboy Cutz Hoodboy Clay sees Glen taking his pills.
Lauren Hoffman Love In September The Carlins find out that Clay has contacted his birth mom and that she's in LA.
Lauren Hoffman Broken Chelsea tells Clay that she is pregnant.
Prince Diabate Voyageur Sean works on painting something for his grandma in Chelsea's studio.
Conjunto Berretin Retintin Kyla teaches Aiden how to dance.
Headland The Trance

Season 2, Episode 7: Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lauri Kranz I Could Die of Wanting You Ashley and Spencer talk in Ashley's room after Kyla and Aiden walk in on them.
Summary Look Into the Room Transition between scenes.
Catlow Saint Hate Spencer is about to come out to her dad but her mom appears.
Ascian Fading Away Glen walks back to his jail cell after calling his parents.
Buddy Judge Out The Window Number Two Paula walks in on Spencer and Ashley.

Season 2, Episode 8: That's The Way The World Crumbles (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Maia Banks Insane Glen goes through withdrawals while at school.
Julie Gribble Little Secret Ashley tells Aiden about the situation between her and Spencer and they come up with a plan.
Jill Sobule Rock Me To Sleep Aiden helps Spencer and Ashley run away.

Season 2, Episode 9: Objects May be Closer Than They Appear (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Andrew Tylor Get Away Spencer and Ashley are in the car deciding where to go.
Nikki Hong Stay Awhile Ashley calls Aiden from the motel.
The Kolab Shine
Gilli Moon Secret of My Heart Arthur comes to the rescue and apologizes to Spencer.

Season 2, Episode 10: Love and War and Love and War (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Addus Duce AyeYo aka Turn Up Your Radio Ashley goes to Gray to talk to Aiden about Spencer.
Derek Whitacre Beat Down The gang first starts the paintball game.
Addus Duce with Rapper Sev Uno Party's Ova Here Clay is punished for Sean's friendly fire on him.
AC Cotton Ripcord Madison hands in her dirty uniform to the squad.
Buddy Judge The Levy Walk Clay meets back up with his team after the punishment.
Darren Wilsey Unlock The paintball instructor gives the instructions.

Season 2, Episode 11: Love, Child, and Videotape (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Gilli Moon A Little Bit Better Ashley and Spencer are on Ashley's bed talking.
The Twinemen Spinner Clay watches Chelsea paint in her studio.
J-BOI Boom Ashley walks across the school yard.
Papa W. Tickle Boogie To Go Spencer and Glen walk and talk about Madison.
Melissa Etheridge When You Find The One Spencer and Ashley dance outside Chelsea's studio.

Season 2, Episode 12: Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Prince Diabate Barki "previously on South Of Nowhere"
Ben Broussard 105 Aiden gives Kyla flowers
Ben Broussard Deep Aiden "invites" Kyla to prom
AC Cotton Santiago Ashley and Aiden talk, Spencer gets jealous
Headland Boyfriend/Girlfriend Stuff Ashley gives Spencer a bracelet
Wayne Kramer Never Enough  ?
Gillie Moon Bliss the Carlins arrive at school
Papa W. Tickle Boogie To Go  ?

Season 2, Episode 13: Trouble In Paradise (2006) Edit

Artist Song Context
Marisa Lauren Waiting  ?
Catlow Ocean, Space, And Sand Aiden and Ashley slow dance to the last song
Tara Hellis Heat Nobody's Watching  ?
Ryan Farrow After 7  ?
Chicks With Hits Hypnotise Me The gang leaves the Carlin house and everyone dances at the prom.

Season 3 Edit

Season 3, Episode 1: The Valley Of The Shadows (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Katrina Carlson Feel For Me Ashley talks with Spencer about what happened at prom.

Season 3, Episode 2: Can't Buy Me Love (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Katrina Carlson Feel For Me Ashley and Spencer make up before they break up.

Season 3, Episode 3: The It Girls (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Mackabella Willing  ?
Stress feat. Magyver and Damion Ching Ching  ?
Conex Hollywood  ?

Season 3, Episode 4: Spencer's New Girlfriend (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Freelance Johnson Kali4na Aiden and Spencer riding Aiden's motorcycle

Season 3, Episode 5: The Truth Hurts (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Sara Melson In My Dreams  ?

Season 3, Episode 7: Saturday Night Is For Fighting (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Conex Hollywood  ?

Season 3, Episode 8: Gay Pride (2007) Edit

Artist Song Context
Summary To Drown Me Spencer goes to Pride
Stress Fall Back Madison's party at Ego
Sara Melson Never Been Hurt Spencer kisses Ashley at her door (final scene).

Season 3, Episode 9: Career Day (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lisa Bouchelle Man In The Moon (DJ Amaze Re-Mix) Spencer wakes up in Ashley's bed.
Aya Blue  ?
Katrina Carlson Getaway Car Ashley and Kyla at Ego (final scene)

Season 3, Episode 10: Spencer's 18th Birthday (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Nikki Hong Rock The Bed Spencer and her friends making smores

Season 3, Episode 11: A Very Inconvenient Truth (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Julie Gribble Just Stay Here Spencer and Ashley at the Carlin home, Jonica drops by
Katrina Carlson Go-To Girl Spencer and Ashley kiss after Jonica leaves

Season 3, Episode 12: Love And Kisses (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Kelly Moneymaker Just Another Ho In Hollywood Opening scene, Ashley and Kyla fighting
Sick of Sarah Mr. Incredible Sasha & Aiden play basketball.
Maia Banks Whipped Kyla on the phone with her mother
Sick of Sarah Common Mistake Spencer meets up with Jonica at Egocentric.
The Dresden Dolls Sing Aiden gets rejected by UCLA.
Sara Melson Dirty Mind Spencer and Ashley have a dinner date.

Season 3, Episode 13: Better Late Than Never (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context

Season 3, Episode 14: Past, Present, And Future (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Lars Vegas Twisted  ?
Freelance Johnson Kali4na  ?

Season 3, Episode 15: Taking Seconds (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Tony Levin Rivers of Light  ?
Greg Franco & The Wandering Bear Oriole  ?

Season 3, Episode 16: On The Precipice (2008) Edit

Artist Song Context
Steph Hayes & The Good Problems Seen It Comin' breakfast at Egocentric
Sara Melson Dirty Mind Carmen and Madison listen to Ashley's CD.
Steph Hayes & The Good Problems Aliens Ashley sees Spencer's acceptance letter to worthington.
Courtney Jaye Goldberg Are You With Me The Carlins arrive at Ashley's loft
Fanny Franklin The Healing Plays with Spencer's movie
Nini Camps Smile Ashley asks Spencer to move in with her.


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