On the Precipice
Season no. Episode no.
3 15
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Production no. 316
Original air date December 12, 2008
Episode chronology
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"Taking Seconds" "End of Series"

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"On the Precipice" was the fifteenth episode of the third season of South of Nowhere that aired on December 12, 2008 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot overviewEdit

In the one hour series finale episode, Spencer must consider her future with Ashley, who seems ready for commitment. Meanwhile, everyone else gets ready to move on to the next chapter on their lives. Glen and Chelsea take the final step in their relationship by making love, while Aiden and Kyla are finally back together, and plans of a Vegas wedding are in the air. In the end, Carmen tries to seduce Ashley, so Ashley kicks her out. Ashley is now ready to tell Spencer that she does not want her to go to Boston. At Spencer's graduation party, her movie is shown, and she agrees to move in with Ashley at the loft.