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Raife Davies





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Christine Davies (Ex-wife)


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Ann Woods



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C.C. DeVille

Raife Davies(1963-2006) was a famous rock star. He was the lead singer of 80's rock band Purple Venom.

Early lifeEdit

Not much is known of Raife's early life, its assumed the he formed his band Purple Venom sometime in the 80's. Its also assumed that Raife married Ashley's mother Christine sometime before Ashley's birth in April 1989. During his marriage to Christine, Raife slept with a number women while on tour with the band. During one of these one night stands he fathered a second daughter with a woman named Ann. Though he knew of his second daughter he was never involved in raising her. It wasn't till after his death that Kyla's existences came to light to the other members of his family.

Personal lifeEdit

Raife has two daughters: Ashley from his marriage to Christine, and Kyla from a one night stand with Ann Woods, who was not known to exist till after his death. Raife was killed in a car crash shortly after having dinner with his daughter Ashley in 2006. After his death, the bulk of his estate was left to Ashley and Kyla in the amount of twenty-five million dollars to be split in half with each daughter receiving twelve point five million each. Raife was married to three different women during his lifetime.