Rules of Engagement
Spencer sneaking a glance at the GSA table.
Season no. Episode no.
2 5
Guest star(s)
Writer(s) Paige Bernhardt
Director(s) Charles Randolph-Wright
Production no. 205
Original air date October 20, 2006
Episode chronology
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"Guess Who's Coming "Out" To Dinner" "That Is So Not Mom"

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"Rules of Engagement" was the fifth episode of the second season of South of Nowhere that aired on October 20, 2006 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot overviewEdit

When a hate crime erupts around Spencer at school and Glen's rage over her sexuality boils over at home, Spencer finds herself caught in the middle of violent intolerance. Meanwhile Kyla pushes aside her relationship with Aiden, just when Madison's pushing to take her place.


The gang and their respective families attend Aiden's parents pool party, during which Glen starts to cause problems for Spencer and Ashley and their relationship. Glen and Spencer make a deal not to rat each other out to their parents, Spencer for being gay and Glen for his drug problem.

The next day at school is club day and Spencer has a look around the stalls, coming across the Gay Straight America stall, she shows interest but is too scared to go over at first. Kyla signs up for the acting club, Madison attempts to liven up her stall by performing a dance, Sean is heading the film stall and the chess stall and Glen picks up an army recruitment.

Spencer finally finds the courage to go up to the GSA stall but comes at a bad time as a couple of homophobes come and beat up the gay spokesman, in the process elbowing Spencer in the face and knocking her to the floor with a bloody head wound. After this incident Spencer is taken to the hospital and appears to be fine but is deeply upset at what she saw. Glen immediately starts blaming Ashley, ordering Spencer to come with him but Clay intervines and tries to stop Glen from being abusive. This leads to Glen telling Clay that 'She's not your sister, she's MY sister', causing Clay to lash out on anger and punch Glen, causing a fight between the two. At home Paula and Arthur ground the kids and get into a fight about Spencer being around a gay stall.

At school Madison dishes the dirt on Aiden to Kyla, possibly in a way to manipulate them into a situation that's best for her. The gay spokesman see's Spencer and adresses the situation that happened the day before, asking her to come to a GSA meeting to help awareness. Ashley blames the guy for what happened to Spencer and act's in a hostile manner to him, which causes Spencer to become angry with her and storm off. At the Carlin household Glen confronts Clay about what has happened to them and Clay makes it clear that he was hurt by Glen's comments but that he still see's Glen as a brother, no matter what Glen thinks.

At the end of the Episode Ashley comes and apologizes to Spencer (Haven't we seen this before?) and tells her she'll protect her no matter what.