Say It Ain't So, Spencer
Ashley and Spencer shearing make up in the bathroom.
Season no. Episode no.
1 10
Guest star(s)
Writer(s) Nancylee Myatt
Director(s) Paul Hoen
Production no. 110
Original air date January 27, 2006
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"Shake, Rattle & Roll" "What Just Happened?"

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"Say It Ain't So Spencer" was the technical Tenth but chronological ninth episode of South of Nowhere that aired on January 27, 2006 on the teen drama channel, The-N.

Plot overviewEdit

Spencer tests the waters with Aiden again by going on a date. Meanwhile, Ashley feels like she has lost Spencer and spirals out of control, hooking up with a girl named Paige (Angela Sarafyan) and experimenting with danger. Clay hits some obstacles in his search for his birth-mother, and begins to feel like he has no "real" family or connection with his heritage. On the home front, Paula and Arthur start couples counseling and try to work out their ever mounting problems.


The beginning of the episode shows Spencer and Ashley sharing make-up in the Girls' Washroom. Madison and her friends over hear them, making them believe that Spencer and Ashley are now in a sexual relationship. Soon, Madison tells Spencer's brother Glen about Spencer and Ashley. Spencer's parents Paula and Arthur tell Clay that they are going out of town for a few days to do couples counseling. Meanwhile, Glen warns Ashley to stop hitting on his sister. Adien asks Spencer out on a date and she accepts it. In the girls' washroom, Madison tells Ashley that Spencer is going out on a date with Aiden.  This causes Ashley to feel totally betrayed and she goes to Gray alone, though Cat tries to cheer Ashley up. While there, Clay gets a call from his friend saying that his friend's cousin is in the hospital. During their date, Spencer and Aiden start to make out but Spencer tells Aiden she cannot do it with him because she the not person she is right now and that she is the other person. However, Aiden accepts the fact.

Paige and Ashley at Gray

Paige and Ashley at Gray.

Meanwhile back at the club, a girl named Paige approaches Ashley and asks her if shes alone. Its soon learned that Paige is also a lesbian. The girls start to flirt with each other, leading to them kissing and hooking up. They make out in the club's girls' washroom until they are interrupted by another girl. Ashley invites Paige over to her place, which she accepts. It is soon revealed that Paige keeps cocaine with her. Paula and Aurthur try to have sex after their date but they can't get into it and go to sleep instead.

Meanwhile Spencer and Aiden are about head home when Spencer decides to call Ashley and apologize. However, Paige ends up answering Ashley's phone instead. Spencer asks to put Ashley on but Ashley doesn't want to talk to Spencer. So Spencer asks Aiden if he could drop her off at Ashley's place. Meanwhile, Clay and Glen are at the hospitals hearing that Clay's friend's cousin is going to be okay. At the end of the episode, Ashley is seen passed out on her bed while Paige is seen putting on her shirt, implying they had sex and steals some of Ashley's money. Spencer arrives and finds Paige ripping-off Ashley. Paige tells Spencer that Ashley was talking about Spencer all night. After hearing what Paige told her, Spencer confronts to Ashley that she wants to be with her and Ashley falls asleep.


Ashley falls asleep in Spencer's lap.


  • Gabrielle Christian - Spencer Carlin
  • Mandy Musgrave - Ashley Davies
  • Matt Cohen - Aiden Dennison
  • Chris Hunter - Glen Carlin
  • Danso Gordon - Clay Carlin
  • Rob Moran - Arthur Carlin
  • Maeve Quinlan - Paula Carlin
  • Austen Parros - Sean Miller

Guest actorsEdit


Artist Song Context
Heather Waugh You and Me Aiden and Spencer on their date in the park.
Marisa Lauren Waiting Paula and Arthur are in the hotel room and Spencer breaks down to Aiden.
Ladylike Playing at the club when Paige and Ashley are kissing.
Inside Paige answers Ashley's phone when Spencer calls.


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"Say It Ain't So, Spencer" was well received by audiences, scoring a 9.3 at[1]


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