South of Nowhere
Season two cast


Teen Drama

Created by

Thomas W. Lynch

Produced by

Thomas W. Lynch


Gabrielle Christian
Mandy Musgrave
Matt Cohen
Chris Hunter
Rob Moran
Maeve Quinlan
Valery Ortiz
Danso Gordon (Seasons 1-2)
Austen Parros (Seasons 1-2)
Eileen April Boylan (Seasons 2-3)
Aasha Davis

Opening theme

"I Don't Want to Know (If You Don't Want Me)"
The Donnas
(Season 1)
(Season 2-3)

No. of seasons


No. of episodes

40(List of episodes)



Tobias Datum
Ben Demaree

Editing by

Lindsay Mofford
John Lafferty
Jeff Hodge

Running time

22 minutes


Original channel

The N

Original run

November 4, 2005–December 12, 2008



South of Nowhere is an American teen drama television series created by Thomas W. Lynch. Aimed primarily at teenagers, it first aired on November 4, 2005 and was one of six original series on The N. The second half of the third and final season aired October 10, 2008 and the final episode aired on December 12, 2008. Live webisodes were also created to accompany each episode starting during the season 2 storylines, and were seen exclusively through The N's website on the Click. The series lasted for three seasons and had forty episodes and thirty webisodes produced. The pilot episode, Secret Truths, aired on November 4, 2005, and the series finale, On The Precipice, aired on December 12, 2008. In addition to the main episodes, a series of webisodes were also posted on the show's website.


The show followed the lives of the members of the Carlin family as they adjust to moving from Ohio to Los Angeles, California. One of the main focuses include the relationship between Spencer (Gabrielle Christian) and her bisexual friend, Ashley (Mandy Musgrave). The close friendship between Ashley and Spencer led Spencer to question her own sexuality, a subject which created controversy before the show first aired. It was the first series on The N to deal with such a subject relating to any main characters, and the first television show ever to have gay teenagers as the top-billed characters. South of Nowhere received outstanding reviews from TV Guide, The Boston Tribute, New York Post, New York Daily News, Entertainment Weekly, and Variety.[1]