The second season of the teen drama television series South of Nowhere originally aired between September 29, 2006 and December 22, 2006 on The N in the United States. The season consisted of thirteen episodes all airing on Friday nights.

Season Two Cast

The cast of season two.



  The Morning After/Dad Went to Heaven and All I Got Was This Stupid Half Sister September 29, 2006 201/202
Written By: Thomas W. Lynch
Directed By: Robert Townsend
Webisode: BFF
Before Spencer
It's a new day. Ashley and Spencer wake up from their first night together fully committed to each other, but when Ashley's world suddenly shakes apart, she finds herself pushing Spencer away again. Aiden, meanwhile, wakes up next to Madison wondering what he got himself into, then finds a way out. Glen faces the first days after a debilitating injury, while Clay copes with life after meeting his birth mother.
  Behind the Music October 6, 2006 203
Written By: Jonas E. Agin
Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Webisode: Period
Ashley's only had a sister for a few weeks, and she's already sick of it. Things get ugly between her and Kyla, and a VH1 special about their dad makes them even worse. and the fact is that Aiden's crushing on Kyla can't be helping much either.
  Guess Who's Coming Out To Dinner October 13, 2006 204
Written By: Chad Fiveash
James Patrick Stoteraux
Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Webisode: Sleeping Lions
Spencer's freaked out by Ashley's obsessions. It's bad enough that she's totally preoccupied with Kyla and Aiden's relationship, but now she's pressuring Spencer to come out to her family. Clay's kind of freaked too‚ because Chelsea might be leaving forever.
  Rules of Engagement October 20, 2006 205
Written By: Paige Bernhardt
Directed By: Charles Randolph-Wright
Webisode: Bmore
Letter to Daddy
When a hate crime erupts around Spencer at school and Glen's rage over her sexuality boils over at home, Spencer finds herself caught in the middle of violent intolerance. Meanwhile Kyla pushes aside her relationship with Aiden, just when Madison's pushing to take her place.
  That Is So Not Mom November 3, 2006 206
Written By: Earl Davis
Directed By: Charles Randolph-Wright
Webisode: Kiss and Tell
Clay's past rips into his life when his birth mother moves into town. As he's reeling, Chelsea tells him a secret that could tear apart his future. Spencer has problems with her own past when an old friend from Ohio brings out a side of her that Ashley's never seen. Glen, meanwhile, can barely handle the present as his dependence on pain pills gets worse.
  Come Out, Come Out, Wherever You Are November 10, 2006 207
Written By: Nancylee Myatt
Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Webisode: Alone Together
While Paula and Aurthur go out of town Glen decides to throw a party. It gets out of hand and they stop the party. Meanwhile, Glen gets arrested for drugs and Madison show Aiden the real reason why Kyla went back home for the weekend. As Paula and her husband come home due to Glen, Paula goes up the stairs and walks in on Ashley and Spencer in the middle of having sex. Paula freaks out from the shock and pulls Ashley out by her hair while Ashley and Spencer fight to be together.
  That's the Way the World Crumbles November 17, 2006 208
Written By: Jonas E. Agin
Directed By: Bethany Rooney
Webisode: Desperate
Paula can't deal with the fact that her daughter's in love with another girl. When she cuts off Spencer from Ashley, she unintentionally drives Spencer away from her family. Aiden tries to bond with Ashley over their relationship problems, but Madison would prefer he lean on her.
  Objects May be Closer Than They Appear December 1, 2006 209
Written By: Chad Fiveash
James Patrick Stoteraux
Directed By: Robert Townsend
Webisode: Roadside Attraction
With life getting out of hand at home, Spencer and Ashley hit the road and try to escape. As they head out of town, Kyla heads back in to find Aiden waiting to confront her about her lies. And when Chelsea's secret pregnancy is discovered, she picks up sympathy from the last person she expects.
  Love and War and Love and War December 8, 2006 210
Written By: Paige Bernhardt
Directed By: Robert Townsend
Webisode: Hearts
Arthur looks for a way to bring his shattered family back together, so Glen suggests a time-tested way for healing emotional wounds: an all out paintball war! With Spencer caught on the family battlefield, Ashley spends more time with Aiden. He's still "just friends" with Kyla, thanks to Madison, who's about to take a full-on karma smackdown.
  Love, Child, and Videotape December 15, 2006 211
Written By: Jenelle Lindsay
Directed By: Nancylee Myatt
Spencer and Ashley have been together for months, and they couldn't be happier. Or could they? When an old tape of Ashley and Aiden surfaces, it looks like she might have been way happier back then. Meanwhile, Clay and Chelsea both come to a decision about the baby. Too bad it's not the same decision...
  Too Many Girls, Not Enough Aiden December 22, 2006 212
Written By: Nancylee Myatt
Directed By: Rose Troche
Webisode: You Make Me Wanna Jump
Aiden's feeling the pressure of the different women in his life. Madison, Kyla, Ashley, and Spencer all want something from him, and it seems like to make one of them happy, he has to hurt another. His friendship with Ashley's driving her and Spencer apart, and there's so much estrogen after him that Aiden finds himself turning to the one person he can't stand.
  Trouble in Paradise December 22, 2006 213
Written By: Nancylee Myatt
Directed By: Rose Troche
Webisode: Tonight
On prom night, Clay and Chelsea look for one last evening of happiness, while Glen goes to drastic measures looking for a purpose to his life. Madison's losing her marbles, and Aiden might lose all the women in his life, thanks to one shocking secret.