The Day After
Ashley, Spencer and Paula talking.
Season no. 3
Webisode no. 16
Starring. Maeve Quinlan
Gabrielle Christian
Mandy Musgrave
Webisode chronology
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"Five Years Later" "The Day After"

The Day After is one of the final South of Nowhere webisode, airing after the series finale.


Spencer is packing for her move into Ashley's loft when she finds her favorite sundress in her mothers dresser. Paula walks in and try's to get Spencer to stay just a little bit longer. Ashley then walk's in and gives Paula a key that she can use anytime she want to as long as she brings Mr.Carlin so he can cook.


Fan outcry after the sudden cancellation of the show by The-N led the network to hold a fan contest to determine the plots of the webisodes allowing fans of South of Nowhere to submit short plots with two of them to be filmed by the cast. The two winning scripts that were submitted became The Day After and Five Years Later Filming for both took place during the summer of 2008.